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Potlee is managed and operated by Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited (CIN: U52100MH2012PLC236314) (“Potlee”, “we”, “us” or “our”), a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at 1st Floor, Wework Vijay Diamond, Opp. SBI Branch, Cross Road B, Ajit Nagar, Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093 and is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail Ventures Limited.sssss


We have developed a Fintech Application called Potlee having its website address at (“Website/Platform”) which gives User (“You”, “Your”, “User”) a one-stop platform to the underserved customers, for various credit line needs.


This Referral policy (“Refer Policy”), governs your use of the referral program and describes our policies and procedures on the referral provided to you by us when: (a) you use our websites including (“Website”), software applications or mobile applications including the Potlee application hosted on which is owned by us (“Apps”) or platform(s) of any of our partners (“Platforms”), or (b) you avail any products or services which we may operate or offer to you either directly through our Websites or Apps or Platforms or through a merchant or partner platform.


A "referrer" is someone who recommends another user to download the Potlee app

The code issued when the Referrer registers on the Potlee app or in another manner as determined by Potlee is referred to as the "Referral Code"

The person who uses the Referral Code to download the Potlee app with the Referrer's invitation is referred to as the "Referee"

Criteria - In order for the Referee to download the Potlee app, the Referrer must provide the Referee with their Referral Code, which the Referee must then utilise or apply.

To ensure that the Referral Code is used in the ongoing process of installing the Potlee app, it is the Referrer and Referee's exclusive responsibility. After the user has finished the sign-up process, Potlee will not accept the referral code.

Terms & Conditions

  • All current customers of Potlee are eligible for this scheme.

  • For each user of Potlee, there is a maximum limit of five referrals.

  • Only references submitted through the "Refer a Friend" feature on the Potlee app will be considered for the referral.

  • If more than one referrer refers to the same person, the first referral will be taken into consideration.

  • The referer making the referral must not administer any of the recommended person's portfolios or engage in any selling or consulting actions with regard to securities. He or she should completely confine himself or herself to the "Referral" role.

  • All instructions for placing orders are collected from the respective clients only, and the referee shall not be subjected to any form of trade incentive by the referrer.

  • All client-related details and information will be kept private, and they shouldn't be shared with anybody (including the referrer) unless needed by law or regulatory regulations.

  • The client being referred and the individual making the referral shouldn't exchange transactions.

  • The referring customer must be a Potlee brand-new customer. The Potlee database of the referred customer's new Pan Card entry and new mobile number will be used to determine whether to consider a new user.

  • All referral programme communications must be sent to the client's registered email address or mobile number. Please check and update the same if necessary to prevent any problems.

  • If a lead already has an account in one of the segments, opening or activating a new one will not be considered a fresh referral.

  • Before paying the referral amount/reward to the referrer, Potlee maintains the right to conduct any monitoring and control it considers necessary and appropriate.

  • The referrer who gave the reference will not be eligible for any rewards under the referral programme if the details submitted for the recommendation are uncompleted, inaccurate, or fraudulent.

  • Potlee maintains the right to periodically modify the terms and conditions of the offer and amend, modify, or discontinue it in any way at its sole discretion.

  • When creating an account and introducing a friend, the mobile phone number needs to match.

  • Offer is contingent upon the agreement between Potlee and the organisation providing the vouchers remaining in effect.

  • The utility, worthiness, and/or character of the Gift(s) are not promised by Potlee, and the Gift(s)' guarantees and vouchers expiration are not Potlee's responsibility.

  • Any managerial decision is final and enforceable.

Feedback or Concern

If the User has any concerns, feedback, review or any request, the User is free to contact the Company at Customer care ID:

Company Details
: Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited
CIN: U52100MH2012PLC236314
1st Floor, Wework Vijay Diamond, Opp. SBI Branch, Cross Road B, Ajit Nagar,
Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093

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