Where can I see my Potlee credit limit?

You can check your Potlee credit limit here or on the top left corner of the home page of the Potlee app.

What is the credit limit of Potlee?

The sanctioned amount of your Potlee credit limit is yours to use on your preferred websites and applications. Each time you use credit to make purchases or borrow money, your credit limit is decreased. Once you pay your debts or due amounts on the assigned due date, it is reset to its original maximum!

What is the maximum credit limit that I can get?

The maximum available credit limit is up to Rs. 20,000.

Why is my credit limit reduced or displayed as 0?

Below are the possible reasons for the mentioned scenario: 

- Your credit limit may have already been used up; however, it will be reinstated after the repayment of the due amount.

- When you are not eligible to avail the Potlee credit, due to the lender’s under writing modle. Your credit limit remains 0, even though you have completed all of the essential information for increasing your credit limit (PAN, DOB, Address, Salary). We cannot offer you the Potlee credit for now.

-To evaluate your available credit, we consider a variety of variables, including your age, location, and credit history. We frequently examine our policies, and before we make any changes to your credit limit, we will take your approval.

Why does my available credit limit display as negative?

Our credit policy is reviewed regularly, and it appears that the latest revision has reduced your available credit.

Your total outstanding must have exceeded your updated credit limit if your available limit seems negative. Once the due amount is settled, your limit will be reinstated.

My credit limit was decreased, although I have submitted all the necessary documentation.
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To reevaluate your available credit, we consider a variety of variables, including your age, location, and credit history; the latest evaluation could have led to your decreased credit limit.

What is the repayment billing cycle?
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Potlee features two billing cycles per month:

1. Statements for all transactions made between the 5th and 20th of the month will be generated on the 20th of the same month as the due date.

2. Statements for any transactions made between the 21st and the 4th of the month will be initiated on the 5th the next month as the due date.

How do I repay the dues?
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- Go to the Potlee app 
- Refer to the Repayment section on the home page 
- Choose your preferred payment mode
-Click on Pay Now

What are the available methods of payment for repayment?
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We accept the following payment methods to settle your Potlee debt: 

- Net Banking 

What is the statement amount calculation method?
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All credits (repayments, returns, fee waivers) and debits (retail payments, overdue charges) are sent to your account during the billing cycle are listed on the Potlee statement.Your statement amount accounts for the difference between your credits and debits.

Can the due date for repayment be postponed?
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No, the repayment date won't be delayed under typical circumstances. If I pay after the due date, what will happen? Late repayment fees will apply if payments are not made on time. Refer to our late payment section for more information.

My bank account was debited, but the repayment failed.
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If the money has been deducted from your bank account, but the Potlee repayment is unsuccessful. The deducted amount will be adjusted against your Potlee dues within 2 working days. Any overdue interest charges during these 2 working days will be waived. 

If the money was deducted more than two days ago, please make a new payment. Reach out to your bank for debited amount reversal status. 

Note: Bank usually takes up to 7-15 working days to reverse the debited amount to your source account. For any further queries, write to us at support@potlee.co.in.

Where can I find my repayment transaction?
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Repayment transactions can be shown in your transaction records. To access your transactions, kindly click here

How can I use Potlee with a merchant?
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When shopping, check for the CASHe by Potlee payment method on the retailer's checkout page. You will need to click on Proceed to Pay after choosing CASHe by Potlee to confirm your payment. Some merchants only require account registration once, and one tap will be used to complete all future payments.

I can't find the Potlee payment option on merchant websites and mobile apps.
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The following factors could account for this:

1. Credit limit reached: You could have already exhausted your available credit and must settle any unpaid balances to retrieve the services.

2. Non-Payment of Dues: You haven't paid the outstanding bills.

3. Account suspension: Your account may be suspended for a suspicious request or other security purposes.

4. Potlee is not integrated into the given merchant's website or mobile application. For any further queries, write to us at support@potlee.co.in

Order/Service was not delivered.
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Potlee provides no products or services, and it merely makes payments on your preferred sites and applications simpler. Contact the customer care department where you placed your order if you have concerns about service, refunds, or order cancellation.

How can I get a history of my transactions?
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All transactions are available from the Transactions tab in the below bar of the home page of the app. Click here to view your transactions.