Drive your business growth with Potlee

Enhance your business with checkout finance to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and boost overall sales.

Seamless business

How Potlee helps your business

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Boost Conversions

Turn browsers into buyers with Potlee. Experience up to a 30% increase in cart conversions.

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Increase Average
Order Value

Promote higher spending among customers by providing flexible payment choices.

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Reduce Cart Abandonment

Potlee streamlines the checkout process, encouraging customers to complete their purchases.

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Seamless Integration

Use our existing ecommerce extensions or multi language SDKs for your native website.

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Partnership with Lenders

Offer credit from multiple lenders with a single integration with Potlee.

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Instant Approvals

Your new customers can get limit under 1 minute with no paperwork.

Business growth is just a call away
What makes us different

Our USPs

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In-store QR payment

Generate store specifc unique QR code and enable offline payments at your store.

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Transaction Management

Handle payout and refunds with our transaction module.

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Sharing Center

Manage pincodes, SKUs, pricing, discounts and toggle lending for SKU or pincode.

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Legal Agreements

Manage legal agreements between your brand and partners.

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Get Paid Faster

Track your transactions with ease and receive payments on schedule.

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Launch Multiple
Credit Product

Offer credit products like paylater, personal loans, consumer durable loans etc.

Developer guide

Integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem

Download our SDKS

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Our Extensions

Fynd Platform Extension
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ONDC Marketplace 
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Pay later

It's like a loan that lets you buy things now and pay for them later in smaller, fixed amounts. You can use it for buying online or offline. This way, you can get what you need without paying all the money upfront.

Get things right away
How it works
  1. Give your PAN number and do your KYC process
  2. Get Credit Limit.
  3. Start Shopping.
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B2B Paylater

It allows businesses to purchase goods or services from suppliers without making an immediate payment. Instead, they can defer their payment for a certain period, typically between 15 to 90 days. This helps businesses manage their cash flow better and maintain smoother operations

Improved Cashflow
Enhanced Purchasing Power
Streamlined Supplier Relationships
How it works
  1. A business applies for B2B PayLater by providing necessary information, such as business details, financial records, and credit history.
  2. The B2B PayLater provider evaluates the application and assesses the business's creditworthiness. The credit limit is given to a business to spend post approval.
  3. When the business needs to buy goods or services from a supplier, instead of paying upfront, they use the B2B PayLater option.
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Cardless EMI

It's a way to buy things and pay for them later in installments, without needing a credit card. You can do it online or at shops that offer this service.

Easy to get
How it works
  1. Choose the cardless EMI option when buying something
  2. Fill out a simple form with your details
  3. The financial company checks if you can pay back the installments
  4. Once approved, you can start paying in installments
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Invoice financing

Businesses can borrow money using unpaid invoices as a guarantee. This gives them cash quickly for things like buying more stock or paying debts.

Helps manage cash flow
Get money fast
Reduce risks
How it works
  1. Give your invoices to the financing company
  2. They check if the invoices are valid and if your customers can pay
  3. Once approved, you get some of the invoice amount as an advance
  4. When your customers pay, the financing company takes its fees and the advance back
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Supply Chain Financing

Suppliers can get paid early for their invoices to keep the supply chain running smoothly. This helps both buyers and suppliers manage their money better.

Reduces risks
Keeps cash flowing
Helps everyone work together
How it works
  1. Suppliers give their invoices to the financing company
  2. They check the invoices and pay the suppliers early, but at a lower rate
  3. The buyer pays the full invoice amount on the agreed date
  4. Suppliers may pay back the advanced amount directly to the financing company
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a merchant account on Potlee?

Login using your mobile number and OTP, and your account will automatically be created.

How to create a new organization?

Go to Create Organization page and fill in all the details to create a new organization.

What details are required to create a new organization?

All the details mentioned on Create Organization page, such as business name, address, PAN, URL, logo, bank details, etc., are required to create a new organization.

I have created an organization but it is inactive. How to make it active?

Kindly contact your Potlee Relationship Manager to activate your organization.

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About us

Welcome to Potlee! We are a part of Shopsense Retail Technologies Ltd, operating under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. Potlee serves as a sophisticated technical platform, functioning as a credit gateway that links lenders with customers.
Disclaimer; Potlee is dedicated to responsible lending and promotes financial well-being for its users. Late or missed payments may result in fees and impact credit scores. Terms and conditions apply..

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